Today is the 19th of April 2016. Im sitting here in front of my Computer and organizing this Website here. It’s 1am but I NEED a new Website.. Cant see my old one anymore. So i decided to create this one. In English. Please dont slap me. I dont know why. Perhaps deter some idiots, look around on this page here. Yeah. I think thats the reason.

The crazy thing about that is, that before this Site here, in my Online Live I’ve called myself Apple99er. All the time (or mostly). Have you seen the Header of this Site? “Jona Ramos” – Yup. That’s my real name.

And why am I writing this? I D K. Stupid Philosophic shitin English?! Whats wrong with me? Again: I don’t know. (Maybe it will help to increase my english skills :p).

So. Thats it! I hope we see us again in another Blog Post. Hopefully with some sense in it. 😀

If you want, you can follow me on SoundCloud – for super awesome music reposts :p